Say NO to Caracat


A well-known by many TV series caracal-owner from Germany plans along with an Austrian Maine Coon cattery the creation of a new breed – the caracat. The idea isn´t new, because a breeder in the USA already crossed a Caracal Lynx sire with an Abyssinian domestic cat dam

For that purpose they want to mate the Maine Coon cat dams with the Caracal Lynx sire. Not only that a caracal is much larger and heavier than a Coonie, also, the gestation period for caracals is about 80 days and for the Maine Coon only about 65 days. A caracal weighs at birth 250-270 g – a Maine Coon 120-150 g. That can be fatal for the health of the cats during the pregnancy and birth. Furthermore, theres a big probability that the Maine Coon is just a prey animal for the caracal. So it may happen before the first pairing, some cats will pay with their lives, because they could being torned from the caracal.

These all threats to the cats is still the problem that kitten from such a mating not only visually, but also character inherit much from the caracal.

This cats anything but „normal cuddly“ cats.


Caracals are nocturnal predators and they hunt small mammals and in addition antelopes.


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